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About us

Let Us Tell You About Us

Amnium Technologies was created in 2018 by a bunch of techno-entrepreneurs after their degree completions from NCL, Pune. By developing completely novel nanosynthesis methodologies, we have stayed at the forefront of the competition in terms of price/performance ratio. As science enthusiasts we continue to create new technologies, to publish and patent, and to collaborate on cutting edge science with academia.

Our specialities

Why Choose Us

We have created a technological niche space in which nano-scale meets bulk demand
Cutting edge nanochemistry helps us remain at the forefront of the competition
We are a regular exporter and domestic supplier of copper and silver based nanomaterials
We carry out customised synthesis of metal nanomaterials as per your requirements
Adequate facility for producing many kilograms of nanoparticles every day


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Jaydeep Deshpande
Arun Nikam
Production head